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 We're About To RAOC Your World as we share a revolutionary method that's finally allowing nonprofits like ours to say "YES!" to your generous donations of real estate.


We're About To RAOC Your World as we share a revolutionary method that's finally allowing nonprofits like ours to say "YES!" to your generous donations of real estate.


You can finally tap into your non-cash assets (a.k.a. your wealth) and fund our cause and any other cause you love!

AND get impressive tax benefits such as:

  • Pay No Capital Gains Tax on the donated proceeds.
  • Receive Tax Deductions based on the appraised value of your property.


Attract 87% of your market as you: 

  • Provide Exclusive Solution For High Networth Clients
  • Fund Causes By A $600k Donation Avg.

And become A REAL Agent of Change For Your Cause and Community! 


Support your cause by sponsoring their Charitable Real Estate Marketing Campaign, and leverage it as: 

  • Unique marketing that showcases you as the solution.
  • Lead/referral generator to philanthropic professionals and property owners.
  • Do well by doing good.


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Nonprofits, Donors, & Philanthropic Entrepreneurs 

Regardless of your role, you are essential to our ability to Make a REAL Difference! 

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The Benefits

of Charitable Gifts Of Real Estate

Thanks to our collaboration with The REAL Agents Of Change (The RAOC) we can now say “YES” to donors like you who want to donate any type of real estate to fund our cause and leverage the impressive benefits.


Get rid of a property that’s no longer needed or wanted, and fund your cause(s) with The RAOC's simple three-step real estate donation process!

Reduce Expense

Stop paying property taxes & fees for a property you won’t use or that’s no longer a smart investment.

Estate Planning

You can now avoid the burden of leavingreal estate as an inheritance!

Donating Property is an Estate Planning vehicle unlike any other. 

Tax Breaks

Pay NO Capital Gains Tax on the donated proceeds... PLUS... donors receive a Tax Deduction based on the appraised value of your property.

Simple Process   |  Maximum Benefits for Donors & Nonprofits   |  Cash Back Options   |   Zero Risk

Simple Process

Maximum Benefits

for Donors & Nonprofits!

Cash Back Options

  Zero Risk



Get This FREE eBook To Learn How Donating Real Estate Is Easier Than Ever Before &...
How YOU Can Leverage ALL The Benefits Including:
  • No Capital Gains

  • Impressive Tax Deduction

  • Cash Back Options

  • YOU Pick What Foundations Receive ALL or a portion of the Donation!

  • And How Our Team Handles The Transaction for You & Your Nonprofits!

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Donate Any Type

Of Real Estate


Developed Real Estate

From residential and commercial, to investment properties like multi-family, single units, you can donate it. The only type of property you can’t donate is a timeshare.

Vacant Land

Regardless of why or where you acquired the property, repurposing it for impressive tax benefits, to fund your cause(s), and even use some of the funds for a new investment, could be your best option!

Inherited Real Estate

Real estate can often be more of a burden than a blessing when it comes to inheritance. Donating these properties can help avoid the taxes and other penalties that are associated with inherited real estate.


Donate Property

From Anywhere

We Can Benefit From Real Estate Donated From Anywhere...

So long as you are a tax-paying U.S. Citizen you can donate real estate from just about anywhere in the world!



Donate In Three Simple Steps

Property Evaluation 

This is the first step... nearly any marketable property will qualify, but that'll give our team the details we need to begin!

Intent to Donate

Our Specialized Real Estate Team will handle everything… For both the Donor & their Designated Nonprofits

Your Cause 

We know you're our cause champion, thank you! But you have the ability to designate how much to give to our cause and any others you love!

From Start To Finish

The Donation Process

A Revolutionary Process for Revolutionary Funding!

It's never been easier for donors & their causes to benefit from Gifts of Real Estate... 

Donors typically only need to declare intent to donate and arrange the appraisal... 

Nonprofits simply accept the funds, which are given in the form of a grant and one single check!

Our team will handle everything else!


Donate Real Estate



Donating Real Estate Is Now Quick & Easy

Find Out If Your Property Qualifies >>



How long does a real estate donation process take?

So long as all papers are in order, and the title is clear of any issues, the donation process is quite fast and typically only takes between 3-6 weeks.

Will I need to be physically present at any point in the donation process?

No. We can correspond virtually for every step, as well as mail all the necessary documents for you to sign at closing.

Do I have to donate the full value of the property?

No. Our team of specialists offers bargain sale — or cash back — options to donors. 

Is there any cost or fee charged to donate real estate?

As a general rule, our team's specialized nonprofit will pay all the fees and costs associated with the transaction except for the property appraisal fee which is required as part of the process as well as to receive your tax deduction per IRS regulations.

Can I donate property with a lien or mortgage?

Yes, Every property needs to be evaluated, but our team of specialists will pay off any obligations as part of the transaction. To find out if a specific property qualifies, submit an evaluation form by clicking here.

What tax benefits do I get as the donor of gifted real estate?

The general rule is that you pay no capital gains tax and can claim the FULL appraised value of the donated property — since the tax deduction is based on the appraised value. Consult your tax advisor for specific details as they pertain to your situation.

What is the evaluation process for potential property donations?

Our team of specialists reviews each real estate donation offer and analyzes a variety of different factors to maximize the potential of every property donation based on the donor's wants and needs, including the ability to donate proceeds from one property to multiple charities.

What happens to the property once donated?

Our team's specialized nonprofit will take title to the donated real estate. If improvements are required to maximize the value, that is at the expense of the specialized nonprofit. Then, they liquidate the asset, working with the local Certified Charitable Real Estate Specialist CCRES when needed.

Can I anonymously donate my property?

Yes. Our collaboration with The RAOC allows for complete anonymity. Their team can go through the entire process with you without so much as having to disclose the address, owner, or any detail of the donated property.

How does your nonprofit get funded from a gift of real estate?

The RAOC's specialized nonprofit will issue our nonprofit the funds in the form of a grant upon completion of the donation process. 

It's completely up to the donor to designate how much they wish to give to our cause and what information, if any, they want to have shared with us.

Who are The REAL Agents Of Change?

The REAL Agents of Change (The RAOC) consists of a nationwide team of heart-centric philanthropic entrepreneurs who often work directly with potential property donors such as realtors, CPAs, estate attorneys, and financial professionals, among others who are committed to supporting and funding the causes that serve their communities.

Through our affiliation with The RAOC, you too can become a RAOCSTAR, and "Do well while doing good" with us.

The RAOC team also consists of a specialized nonprofit whose sole mission is to handle every element of the Charitable Real Estate Donation process for the Donor & Nonprofit. 

ANY nonprofit or donor can connect directly with our team at The RAOC to initiate a charitable real estate donation.

This solution removes ALL risk and liability for the nonprofit(s), provides an easy process, and legal assurances that designated nonprofit(s) receive the intended donation, while the donor receives the appropriate tax benefits like paying no capital gains tax, impressive tax deductions, and even cash back options.

Often the only responsibility of the donor is to pay for the appraisal!

Leveraging The RAOC solution, donors can give more to the causes they love by giving smarter while nonprofits stay focused on their mission and receive the funding they need to make real change!



Elaine Laroa

Spiritual Life Center, Finance and Strategic
Planning Manager


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Cami C.E. Baker

Founder of The REAL Agents of Change & Certified Charitable Real Estate Specialist


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