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The Masterclass

Join us as we take you through the history of Charitable Real Estate (C.R.E.) on through the how-to’s when it comes to navigating C.R.E. Transactions, as well as informing and educating potential property donors, whether you’re a nonprofit, financial advisor, or real estate agent.

While the LIVE Masterclass is held only once a month, you now have the opportunity to watch at your own pace and as needed through this online portal!

Get ready to discover just how powerful an asset gifts of real estate can be when you leverage it to champion your cause with funding that'll make a real difference!

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Knowledge is power only when it meets action! So if you're ready to do more than learn, this is your opportunity to become a knowledgeable and skilled advisor to donors, nonprofits, and other partners.

Get Certified as a Charitable Real Estate Specialist (C.C.R.E.S.) by taking the certification exam, and learn all of the ins and outs of giving gifts of real estate...

And get ready to leverage the C.C.R.E.S. designation, trademarks, and generic marketing in your cause, career, company, and community to make a REAL difference.

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Don't just get Certified! 

Leverage Resources to build relationships and generate revenue with The RAOC.

We've created a done-for-you business development element to implement your C.C.R.E.S. Designation from additional training, strategy, workshops, custom marketing, exclusive community, and more, much more...

So if you're a Champion at your core and ready to take a stand and Influence... Impact... Inspire... & Increase Income for you, your cause, career, company, and community... this is for you!

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Purpose to Prosperity






Within 6 weeks of working with us:

  • you will be absolutely clear on what your niche is in charitable gifting of real estate
  • you will know exactly what your purpose is and why it benefits other people too
  • you will be having conversations with people you never dreamed possible
  • you will be socially responsible and everybody in your marketplace will know it

 (and hire you because of it :) )

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Community Foundation Collaboration

Must apply to qualify.

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The Masterclass

  Introduction to Charitable Gifting of Real Estate

  3+ Hours of the LIVE Masterclass plus BONUS Content!



Introduction: Concepts and Collaborators

  • What is Charitable Gifting of Real Estate
  • How long it's been around?
  • Why you've never heard of it?

Section #1: Concepts and Collaborators

  • Who are the Vetted Resources

  • Who are The RAOC 

  • How we all work together to add to the $9 Billion a year already being donated to nonprofits annually

Section #2: Benefits and Strategies

  • How Realtors get paid a FULL Commission? 

  • What properties qualify?

  • What is the process of a donation of real estate?

  • What is Charitable Leverage?

  • The Benefits for

    • Nonprofits

    • Property Donors

    • Advisors (Anyone who advises those with real estate)

  • WHO donates real estate and how to find them

Section #3: Documents Do's and Don'ts

  • What properties qualify?

  • Overview of the different documents required.

  • Walk thru the complete process.



  • Case Study Examples

    • Residential

    • Raw Land

    • Commercial

  • Tax Examples

    • No Capital Gains Tax

    • Adjusted Gross Income write-offs

    • See how a property valued at $600,000 through "Charitable Leverage" becomes an $875,000 benefit to the community!

    • Other recordings of actual examples relating to 

  • Plus, get a copy of "The Legacy Listing" eBook.

ONLY $47 for Instant Access and Lifetime Upgrades!



Specialist Membership

Certification & Basic Promotional Elements, Including The Masterclass Online Course 

Complete System, Support, and Strategy

Certification Designation & Licensing

“Certified Charitable Real Estate Specialist C.C.R.E.S.” Designation

Printable Certificate

Use of trademarks and logo’s

*Annual Renewal Required to Maintain Certification 


Get access to LIVE Charitable Real Estate Masterclass every 3rd Tuesday of the month

Invite 2 VIP Guests to the Masterclass

Access to RECORDED Charitable Real Estate Masterclass and watch at your own time!

Become a Specialist & Get Certified Today!

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The Champion Upgrade


Convert Your CERTIFIED C.R.E.S. Specialist Designation By UPGRADING To Champion & Leverage the Business Development Element You Need To Succeed As A C.C.R.E.S.!

*NO Annual Fee Required

Legacy LaunchpadTM

Program to “Launch” your “Legacy” in 30 Days

LIVE 3 Hour Purpose Workshop

Video Library Includes:

  • 5 Keys to Leverage Real Estate for REAL Change
  • 7 P’s from Purpose to Payoff(™)
  • How to go over YOUR Custom “CGRE Roadmap” 
  • How to present YOUR Custom “Charitable Real Estate 101”
  • WHO to talk to, WHAT to say, HOW to say it
  • Scripts... and more!

Access to a constantly expanding collection of:

Marketing Templates

 Covers/Banners/Signs, etc.

60 Social Media posts, formatted for

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram

Email Campaign Templates

Custom Marketing

*FREE only for those who pay annually!

Personalized Page


  • Update BIO
  • Two Versions of The Roadmap

Post to Promote Your RAOC Interview 

Personalized ZOOM Background

Training & Strategy

Once a month, 2nd Tuesday LIVE strategy with Cami and experts. 

Thousands of hours worth of video, interviews, training, research, testimonials, etc. at your fingertips!

Private Facebook  Group

The Inner Sanctum is exclusive to RAOC Champions!

Get updates, new content, cause marketing strategy, and build relationships with like-minded, heart-centric, successful minds!

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Purpose to Prosperity

The Charitable Real Estate Masterclass, Charitable Real Estate Specialists, and Champion Package rolled up into one IMPACTFUL training!