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The Masterclass

Join us as we take you through the history of Charitable Real Estate (C.R.E.) on through the how-to’s when it comes to navigating a C.R.E. Transactions, as well as informing and educating potential property donors whether your a nonprofit, financial advisor or real estate agent.

While the LIVE Masterclass is held only once a month, you now have the opportunity to watch at your own pace and as needed thru this online portal!

Get ready to discover just how powerful an asset real estate can be when you leverage it to champion your cause with funding that'll make a real difference!

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Knowledge is power only when it meets action! So if you're ready to do more than learn, this is your opportunity to become a knowledgeable and skilled advisor to donors, nonprofits, and other partners. 

Get Certified as a Charitable Real Estate Specialist (C.C.R.E.S.) by taking the certification exam...

And get ready to leverage the C.C.R.E.S. designation, trademarks, and generic marketing in your cause, career, company, and community to make a REAL difference.

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Don't just get Certified! 

Leverage Resources to Build Relationships and Generate Revenue with The RAOC.

We've created a done-for-you business development element to implement your C.C.R.E.S. Designation from additional training, strategy, workshops, custom marketing, exclusive community, and more, much more...

So if you're a Champion at your core and ready to take a stand and Influence... Impact... Inspire... & Increase Income for you, your cause, career, company, and community... this is for you!

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   The Masterclass

  Introduction to Charitable Gifting of Real Estate

  3+ Hours of the LIVE Masterclass plus BONUS Content!



Introduction: Concepts and Collaborators

  • What is Charitable Gifting of Real Estate
  • How long it's been around?
  • Why you've never heard of it?

Section #1: Concepts and Collaborators

  • Who are the Vetted Resources

  • Who are The RAOC 

  • How we all work together to add to the $9 Billion a year already being donated to nonprofits annually

Section #2: Benefits and Strategies

  • How Realtors get paid a FULL Commission? 

  • What properties qualify?

  • What is the process of a donation of real estate?

  • What is Charitable Leverage?

  • The Benefits for

    • Nonprofits

    • Property Donors

    • Advisors (Anyone who advises those with real estate)

  • WHO donates real estate and how to find them

Section #3: Documents Do's and Don'ts

  • What properties qualify?

  • Overview of the different documents required.

  • Walk thru the complete process.

Section #4: Choosing Your Path

  • The difference between Specialists vs. Champions

  • The "7 P's From Purpose to Payoff" ™ 

  • RAOC Marketing Samples

Section #5: How To Leverage Real Estate for Real Change

  • Where to start.

  • How to start the conversation.

  • Sample scripts.


  • Case Study Examples

    • Residential

    • Raw Land

    • Commercial

  • Tax Examples

    • See how a property valued at $600,000 through "Charitable Leverage" becomes an $875,000 benefit to the community!

    • Other recordings of actual examples relating to 

      • No Capital Gains Tax

      • Adjusted Gross Income write-offs

  • Plus, get a copy of "The Legacy Listing" eBook.

ONLY $47 for Instant Access and Lifetime Upgrades!


   Specialist Subscription

Includes The Masterclass Product

Certification Designation & Licensing

  • Access to the online  Masterclass product.
  • Certification Designation & Licensing
    • Take the Certification Exam
      • “Certified Charitable Real Estate Specialist C.C.R.E.S.” Designation
      • Printable Certificate
      • Use of trademarks and logo’s


  • Editable marketing templates with access to a constantly expanding collection of:
    • Outbound Marketing: Flyers, Promos, Emails
    • Social Media Library
    • EZ messages for texting and private messaging
    • Covers/Banners
    • Signs, etc.
  • 4 New Social Media posts made available monthly, formatted for

Facebook + Linkedin + Instagram

Training & Office Hours

  • 3 Trainings with Cami per Month
  • Access to Realty Gift Fund Office Hours to Leverage & Consult on Topics such as:
    • CGRE Tax Law & Updates
    • Success Stories
    • Property Evaluations
    • Gift Estimates
    • Current Deals
    • Impact of Current Events on C.G.R.E.

Get Promoted

  • Get featured in the National Database.
  • Monthly Newsletter to send to your email list
    • Introducing new RAOCSTARS
    • Success Stories
    • Social proof
    • Tips from experts around CGRE 

Affiliate Status

Eligible to participate in the affiliate program and earn a 10% referral fee from products, services, and programs at The RAOC.



Get a Digital Copy of “Real Estate Is HOT Fundraising Is NOT: 5 Keys to Revolutionize How Charities & Champions Fund Their Causes, Careers, Companies, & Communities”.



Marketing Campaign for “National List a Legacy Listing Month”!

  • Social Media
  • Email templates
  • Video content
  • Scripts for how to promote
  • Ideas of how to leverage this national month for YOUR Cause, Career, Company, and Community

Become a Specialist & Get Certified Today!

I'm Ready To Take Action!

           The Champion Upgrade

 *Only Available to Current Specialists

Legacy LaunchpadTM

  • Program to “Launch” your “Legacy” in 30 Days
  • LIVE 3 Hour Purpose Workshop Once a Month
  • Video Library Includes
    • 5 Keys to Leverage Real Estate for REAL Change
    • 7 P’s from Purpose to Payoff(™)
    • How to go over YOUR Custom “CGRE Roadmap” (put an image here)
    • How to present YOUR Custom “Charitable Real Estate 101”
    • WHO to talk to, WHAT to say, HOW to say it
    • Scripts
    • And more...

Custom Marketing

  • Personalized Page
  • “Charitable Real Estate 101” presentation slide deck with your info
  • “Charitable Real Estate Roadmap” with your info
  • The REAL Agents of Change Interview with Cami C.E. Baker Including
  • Press Release
  • Professionally Revised Bio
  • Zoom Cover with your name/logo
  • Social Media Banners


  • 4 MORE Social Media posts made available monthly, formatted for
    • Facebook
    • Linkedin
    • Instagram
  • Monthly Email Campaign

Training & Strategy

5 MORE LIVE Training/Strategy a month with Cami C.E. Baker and Expert Guests

Affiliate Status

Eligible to participate in the affiliate program and earn a 25% referral fee from products, services, and programs at The RAOC.

Private Facebook  Group

The Inner Sanctum is exclusive to RAOC Champions!

Get updates, new content, cause marketing strategy, and build relationships with like-minded, heart-centric, successful minds!


Autographed Book

+ Digital Copy

Get copies of our book, “Real Estate Is HOT Fundraising Is NOT: 5 Keys to Revolutionize How Charities & Champions Fund Their Causes, Careers, Companies, & Communities”.

Get the autographed hardcopy mailed directly to you!

BONUS: Branding Assessment

Get a free Branding assessment and strategy consultation with the ONLY Charitable Real Estate Marketing Specialist in the WORLD!

BONUS: Strategy Session

Get a free 30 Minute Strategy Session with the ONLY Charitable Real Estate Strategist in the WORLD with a focus on lead generation and leveraging real estate for REAL Change!

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