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  • 5+ Years In Real Estate
  • Purpose-Driven
  • Heart-Centric Entrepreneurial Spirit

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How To Make Money LISTING Donated Real Estate!

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This FREE Course Introduces The Untapped Niche of Charitable Real Estate As It Relates To Realtors

Find out how we're revolutionizing Charitable Real Estate for Donors and their beloved Charities and how you can revolutionize your company, career, and community as a Charitable Real Estate Specialist!


Why Listing Real Estate Donations is so Purposeful and Profitable. 

Why this is the BIGGEST, BADDEST, BOLDEST Social Responsibility Campaign EVER.

And Why this way is the WIN-WIN-WIN Way for Nonprofits, Donors, and Philanthropic Entrepreneurial Spirited Realtors alike!


What Is Donated Real Estate, And Where You Can Find It?

What's working and what's broken about the charitable gifting of real estate.

What benefits are in it for the donor.

What we can do to change the stigma and allow donors to give more by giving smarter through charitable gifts of real estate.


How YOU Can Be The Go-To Specialist Making Money By Making a Difference

How Donors Can Donate Real Estate...

How YOU can get paid to leverage your talents in real estate to bring wealth to the Causes and Communities you care about.

HOW this is a WIN WIN WIN for Nonprofits, Donors, Realtors, and ALL Companies and Communities involved.

Learn From The Nation's Top Charitable Real Estate Strategist 

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Cami will guide you through the simple steps to revolutionize your career and make a real difference for your community by tapping into the untapped niche of Charitable Real Estate.

Register below and brace yourself for a mindbending revelation of a truly unique niche and business strategy... even the top realtors in our nation would have no idea how to implement this let alone where to begin!

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Make Money

Making a REAL Difference

This untapped real estate niche is allowing entrepreneurial do-gooders just like you a WIN-WIN-WIN way to meet every need… yours included. 

Our mission is to see ALL causes receive the funding they need to be the change they see is needed… we want to see you and your community thrive. We want to empower and enable those of you with the heart and vision to be able to step up and make a real difference for your families, your causes, and your communities. 

That’s why we’ve created The REAL Agents of Change. 

Get ready to turn your career into a platform to fund the causes serving your community!
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