The Charitable Gifting of Real Estate (CGRE)

Since 1917, the United States Tax Law has provided significant tax benefits for the charitable giving of certain assets, and real estate is one of them.



Why haven't I heard of CGRE?

99.9% of nonprofits don't OR can't take charitable gifts of real estate because of its complexity and risk... until now! We are offering the solution that makes it possible for any of the 1.3 million nonprofits to benefit!



Our Specialized Nonprofit: Realty Gift Fund (RGF)

Four hardcore Real Estate Professionals who've always had one foot in philanthropy!

Now we're making it possible for the 99% of nonprofits nationwide who cannot accept a gift of real estate to accept the benefit of these gifts without taking the risk, incurring the liability, or committing the cash resources that have been preventing them from taking in that gain.




We are the marketing arm, the voice, the stage... bringing people to RGF so we can fund any and all nonprofits. 

It's our mission to provide education, information, and certification to all thought leaders and community supports who want to learn about CGRE.



The RAOC chose RGF...

1. Credibility. They work with America's largest nonprofits!

2. They work with ANY nonprofit.

3. They keep less of the proceeds than any other specialized nonprofit.

4. They leverage a nationwide network of Realtors to list & liquidate the donated properties.

RGF chose The RAOC...

We needed someone who had the expertise to publically leverage and grow what RGF was already doing on a nationwide level. 



Which nonprofits can benefit?

We fund any and all of the 1.3 million nonprofits in America, including organizations for social causes, including youth development programs, the health community, education from k4 thru higher education, conservation communities, and donor-advised funds, which received 65% of major giving in America allowing donors to have a fund for the rest of their life to make gifts to their causes.



What kind of Real Estate qualifies as a charitable gift?

Any kind of real estate: residential, investment, vacant land, commercial, etc., anywhere in the world.

*That is, anything EXCEPT timeshares! 



Who donates property?

Donors come from a nonprofit list of existing donors. 

A Real Estate Agent's social following.

As well as Financial Advisors who actually bring 65% of donations to the table.

Learn how to talk to people and educate and inform them to the opportunity to champion their cause by donating real estate.



How do we get paid?

RGF buys & sells the Property, and is reimbursed for every dollar invested. No fee is charged to nonprofits. Donors enter into an agreement that RGF will only retain a portion of the proceeds - between 3% & 10% of the net proceeds. 

The C.C.R.E.S. gets paid as they broker the property on behalf of RGF out of the net proceeds.

The RAOC gets paid thru Certification Class fees, Mastery Memberships, and Individualized Cause Marketing Campaigns.



Does the Non-Profit need board approval?

No, because we're not asking the non-profit to accept the gifts of real estate. Realty Gift Fund will handle the complexity of the process.



NO, We do not want your donor list

That is your private information. Donors are supporting the non-profits whose cause they loved. Only the non-profits can attract the donor to making a major gift like real estate. Realty Gift Fund is in the business of helping both of them.



The Real Estate Donations are in YOUR DONOR LIST

Statistics show that 20-30% of any donor list is made up of donors who own multiple pieces of real estate that at some point would say they would not need it anymore.


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