Real Estate for REAL Change

Discover the century-old secret that makes... Real Estate the key to REAL Change

Our mission is to help philanthropic property owners give smarter by providing the resources to donate real estate to create the real change they want and leave a legacy. 

But they're not the only ones who benefit. Click below to find out how anyone stands to benefit from joining this movement.

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Property Donors.


Major gifts of assets such as real estate offer impressive tax benefits and allow you to start creating your legacy now while you fund the cause closest to your heart!


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Grow your endowments six-fold by partnering with The RAOC to unlock your ability to BENEFIT from Charitable Gifts of Real Estate requiring ZERO RISK and NO ADDITIONAL RESOURCES!


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Affiliates & Influencers.


Leverage Charitable Gifting of Real Estate and grow your business, become known as a philanthropic entity and attract 87% of consumers over your competition.


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