Find out how you can leverage real estate for REAL change in your cause, community, and company:

We've been presented a unique opportunity to help champion and fund your cause like never before. Whether you're an individual donor or a philanthropic entity, this presentation will explain the Charitable Gifting of Real Estate and how it makes it easier to 

Give Smarter.

Build a Legacy.

Make a REAL Difference.

Please join me and the Charitable Gifting of Real Estate movement founder and Real Agent of Change Cami Baker for a 25-minute mini-presentation followed by a 20-minute Q&A.

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Jessica Peterson

Realtor & Lux Your Lifestyle Coach


Jessica is a real estate agent and coach to other real estate agents. She has a business and marketing firm that has marketed the most expensive real estate in the world, developed plans for marketing new developments, and more. 

Jessica has a training called Lux Your Lifestyle and is on a mission to see people create their own WOW lifestyle. After being pained to see people end up in the wrong home, Jessica takes people on the journey to discover the right home.

You will also find Jessica is the only one trained in the area on how to maximize profits when you sell your home by House Market Ready. This includes the look and feel of the interior/exterior of a home. Jessica discovered another part of it is to market the home effectively. 

Jessica’s career before real estate includes the banking and mortgage industry. This has often benefited and saved her clients in the sale and purchase of their home. Education is important to Jessica. She holds many certifications, including Luxe, We Live Clean, New Homes, and more. 

Jessica likes to take her knowledge and give it to her customers to empower them in the sale and purchase of their home. As a bonus, she holds certifications in business and life coaching. She finds it priceless when working with people.

Are you ready to buy or sell the Luxour way? Find out what your home is worth and current homes for sale at Connect with Jessica Peterson today!.

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