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Crisis Management and Leadership Strategist

Coni is a Crisis Management and Leadership Strategist. Coni’s purpose, commitment and legacy is why she founded the CKM Preparedness Foundation to help communities be better prepared, more sustainable,and more resilient. The initiatives are designed to bring communities together and have leaders “Do Well by Doing Good”.

Her certifications, training and initiatives are all designed to create community involvement through their leaders so she can help 30 million people be sustainable and prepared.She is a 6-time international bestselling author. “When the Unthinkable Happens...Be Prepared! Be Ready!” is a reference guide for consumers and businesses.

She spent 7 years as a FEMA inspector and trainer, founded a national home inspection business, an online education company and more. Her entire life has been training for the work she is doing today.

She has helped 1000s with their executive leadership, marketing, and sales, and has 3 prestigious credentials.

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Contact Coni @ 503-805-6621 |  [email protected]