Cami C.E. Baker

Founder of The REAL Agents of Change (The RAOC)

Author of "Real Estate is HOT, Fundraising is NOT"

Creator of "National List a Legacy Listing Month" in April

HGTV House Hunter Veteran, Charitable Real Estate Strategist, Visionary Thought Leader, Mingle to Millions Maverick, and “REAL Agent of Change” Cami Baker is leading a movement across the country... literally... as she's traveling across the nation in her RV aptly named, Magic Mic, on a “Rollin with the RAOC” Tour!

The “Rollin with the RAOC” tour is an educational campaign that teaches Realtors, Nonprofits, Property Donors, Financial Advisors, and other Community Leaders how real estate is funding nonprofits by the billions with single donations averaging over $550,000. 

How? By tapping into our nation's largest asset class: Real Estate makes up 43% of the wealth, whereas less than 10% is cold hard cash.

Cami explains, “ANY nonprofit who accepts noncash assets are proven to grow at SIX TIMES their current endowments without adding donors or doing traditional fundraisers according to Dr. Russell James of Texas Tech.”

Charitable Real Estate (C.R.E.) IS the funding solution for our nonprofits AND property donors who could use significant tax benefits and a unique estate planning medium.

Too good to be true? Not this time! The reason you’ve likely never heard of it is that it’s been a complex, risky undertaking for our nonprofits to accept charitable gifts of real estate. So much so that 99.9% of the time, they just say ‘NO’.

Until now, that is! Cami has partnered with the same specialized nonprofit that Fidelity Charitable, our country’s largest nonprofit, collaborates with. They’ve made it EZ and 100% RISK-FREE for ANY and ALL of our state’s nonprofits to benefit from Charitable Gifting of Real Estate. 

She’s also building a select group of realtors across the nation who are becoming Certified Charitable Real Estate Specialists and getting paid a FULL commission to bring hope and funding to their communities!

Interested in having Cami share more about this fascinating secret real estate niche that’s funding nonprofits by the billions with your group, office, organization, or cause? Just reach out; she’s “Real, Raw, Relatable AND REACHABLE.” | [email protected] | 603-785-2598

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