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Vice President of Community Outreach

You know how Nonprofits struggle for funding, spend months planning events that get canceled and have board meeting after board meeting struggling to come up with SOMETHING new yet DON’T? Well, that’s where we come in.

We help nonprofits to receive SIX TIMES their current donations with no risk, no traditional fundraiser and no grant writing.

The nonprofits:
-Receive proceeds from gifts of real estate WITHOUT taking title or financial responsibility of the property
-Create a pipeline of FUNDING from gifts of real estate that provides SIX TIMES their current donation capability
-Collaborate with real estate agents, financial professionals and other advisors across the country regardless of where the nonprofit is, giving them an army of advocates, nationwide, who “MAKE MONEY” by helping the nonprofit “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”.

When it comes to your relationships with your donors, we know they are the lifeblood of your organization. You have spent months, years, decades, finding and cultivating the right supporters and we want you to know we do not want your donor list. We do not want to take over your fundraisers job, fire your planned giving officer or spam to your email list of solid relationships.

We want to share with you THE TRUTH, and share it with those that, RIGHT NOW can give you SIX TIMES what they currently give, once they know it.

The Truth is:

“Charitable Gifting of Real Estate will ALWAYS BE a better way to fund your nonprofit over ANY traditional fundraiser or grant writing. PERIOD.”

- Cami C.E. Baker
Founder of The REAL Agents of Change “The RAOC”

It is a smarter way for your donors to give.👈

It is an easier way to get funded for your fundraiser.👍

It is proven to be how you SIX TIMES your endowments, by Dr Russell James PHD. of Texas Tech University.💲

We understand that this sounds confusing, risky, unobtainable, complicated and downright hard! And you are right! The risk is HIGH when you do not have the right team to do it for you.

Our team has worked with churches, universities, public radio and 501(c)3’s from the smallest local organization to the LARGEST nonprofit of all, which is Fidelity Charitables. Even THEY leverage this team!

You deserve to be FUNDED!💰

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