4 Reasons To Trust the Real Agents of Change

Jun 09, 2022

What once started as a movement of charitable real estate has now become a revolution in creating well-funded real estate assets for nonprofit organizations. The REAL Agents of Change in Livingston, Texas, is excited to begin working with many new people this year and beyond. Not sure yet? We've provided the top four reasons to trust our charitable real estate business and efficient working ethics for everyone's benefit. So head to our website and get your perks today!

Provides Assistance & Training To Give Back

It's our number one priority to streamline the financial efforts of the real estate market into aiding nonprofit organizations to get the funding they deserve while avoiding the complicated and often restricting tax laws that try hard to cease these funds. Our team of specialists is eager to share their knowledge with you so that you too can jump into charitable giving of non-cash assets and their untapped potential.

Information, Certification, & Education

With The REAL Agents of Change, you can double your assets by having them translated into cash. These methods and more are readily available through the information given in VIP 101 classes every week. Along with our courses, our e-mail and phone line are ready to answer any questions you might have about charitable giving of non-cash assets and any other real estate questions on your mind!


Whether it's real estate, nonprofits, investments, or insurance, we have a strict filter of excellence for the credible team members and partners we work with. Our line of champions consists of professionals that know how to execute excellence each day consistently. So if you're ready to join our line of credible members, take your first steps to get certified today!

Nationwide Network of Realtors to List & Liquidate

With eight billion dollars of donations given to nonprofits each year, our nationwide network of hardworking realtors keeps growing. The ROAC Tribe continues to expand its network of certified charitable real estate specialists to match the well-deserved financial demands of nonprofit organizations that need our help. Get involved today!


Ready to dive deep into the high potential and underexplored world of real estate that is real, raw, relatable, and reachable? The REAL Agents of Change has your ticket to fund smarter starting today!

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