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Kate Castle


For over 20 years, Maria has served clients as a Realtor throughout NH, Massachusetts and southern Maine. In the midst of achieving extraordinary success in real estate, Maria never lost sight of WHY she serves with unrivaled integrity, passion, and determination... 

Her heart is in giving back to her community and seeing her success rise others up along side her.

Despite her best efforts, she always felt that she could do more.  

And now that she’s discovered The REAL Agents of Change, she can!

Getting Certified as a Charitable Real Estate Specialist is opening doors to incredible opportunities to fund her community and all the causes they champion. Leveraging Charitable Giving of Real Estate is the solution she’s been searching for, donor’s have been hoping for, and nonprofits are desperate for!

For more information...

Contact Maria @ 603-848-4885  |  [email protected]